Global Citizen Forum in Montenegro

The 4th Global Citizen Forum took place in Sveti Stefan, Montenegro, on October 19 and 20 2017. The forum was held at the unique Aman Sveti Stefan resort, a historic 15th Century fortified island which now serves as an exclusive retreat on the Adriatic sea.

The Global Citizen Forum seeks to inspire change, provoke innovation, encourage engagement and empower future generations by promoting the concept of global citizenship. Founded by Armand Arton, the event aims to foster dialogue with policymakers and stakeholders as they seek to tackle the world's pressing issues. Previous events were held in Dubai, Toronto and Monaco with great success and critical praise.

This year's topic, Global Citizenship - Opportunities in the Age of Uncertainty, brought together global citizens, world leaders, heads of state, members of royal families, philanthropists, celebrities, and thought leaders, to explore the risks and opportunities present in our world's current state of affairs.

"The world is witnessing unprecedented political and economic uncertainty. Technology, new means of communication, and shifting expectations are reshaping people's lives. Societies and communities are organizing themselves and engaging with each other in wholly new ways. Traditional politics and old alliances are seriously challenged. Personal identities are more fluid than ever before." said Armand Arton, founder of the Global Citizen Forum.

The event also marked the conclusion of The Global Citizen Quest, Arton's year-long journey to explore what it means to be a global citizen. "I've met with political figures, artists, business leaders and citizens of many countries to explore and help shape the future of citizenship," said Arton. With the world facing a broad spectrum of risk and uncertainty, the Forum was well placed to act as a platform for exchange on identifying new opportunities for migration and integration.

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