The UAE is the largest foreign investor in Montenegro

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is the largest foreign investor in Montenegro. In the first 11 months of 2017, the UAE invested €92.8m in our country, according to data from the Central Bank of Montenegro (CBCG). This amount accounts for almost 1/6 of the total foreign direct investments, which were €538.3m. According to the CBCG data, this country invested mostly in companies and banks. One of the biggest investments from the UAE was the construction of The Capital Plaza centre in Podgorica, in which €140m was invested. Investors from the UAE have also invested in the last two years in Porto Montenegro in Tivat. They also made significant investments in the construction of the New Tobacco Factory, which is to start operating next month. Russia ranks second in terms of investment in our country, with €54.7m invested, and Italy is just after Russia, with €47.5m invested in Montenegro. The fourth largest investment country is Azerbaijan, which has invested more than €45m, while Germany ranked fifth with €36.3m of investment. They are followed by Switzerland (€35.2m), Serbia (€28.4m), Cyprus (€24m), Turkey (€21.5m), Spain (€15.5m), the USA (9.8m), Croatia (€8.1m), Slovenia (€4.4m), Bosnia-Herzegovina (€3.8m), Kosovo (€1.9m), Norway (€742,149), Macedonia (€437,860) and Albania (€314,130).

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